What would you do if fear didn’t exist?

Let us suppose for a moment that things like murder, poverty, starvation, having a place to sleep at night, and everything else we may fear do not exist. What would you do with that complete liberation from fear?

Your path is completely clear and open to do whatever you’d like.

I am extremely interested in hearing your responses. Thanks!

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6 thoughts on “What would you do if fear didn’t exist?

  1. The thing with fear is…………… you cannot live without it, or should I say that you won’t live long without it. And this is coming from someone who’s mind gives him a hard time on a regular basis through anxiety.
    The trick is to be able to pick an irrational fear……… the question, “What’s the worse thing that could happen”, is a really good question.
    A lot of people suffer from a sort of post traumatic stress syndrome but they don’t realise it.
    It is not surprising that soldiers get it but ‘ordinary’ people can suffer from it and not know where it came from or how it words. The short answer is the fight or flight response………. sometimes it gets mixed up…. it is a primitive response and is either on or off……there is nothing in between……. if it is on you will know it!
    Talking to someone who knows how this stuff works helps……..

    • Ah, but the hypothetical presupposition of my question is that there is no fear, so what would you do?

      • That would mean that I had abilities as a Science Fiction writer……… which I don’t.
        My logical brain can only see people walking in front of trains and people playing with fire etc.
        I could do without illogical fear…….. so I’ll give that some thought.

      • I’m not suggesting in my hypothetical scenario that common sense doesn’t exist (e.g. Stand in front a train, and it will hit you). I’m simply suggesting that common fears we have of one another (murder, violence, etc.), quitting a job we hate to pursue doing something we love to do but are afraid we will become homeless or in poverty, etc.

        I think there is a difference between common sense and necessarily being fearful of something. I know that fire burns, so I wouldn’t play with fire because I know I’ll be horribly burned. But I think there are a huge amount of fears that we have because we think we know what the outcome if we did something. Because we think we know what the outcome would be, we are afraid to do something that takes us out of what we’re comfortable with, but in my experience, breaking past whatever fear might be there has been the times of greatest growth and greatest rewards.

  2. If fear did not exist, there would be no sin, and we would be back in the garden of Eden. Almost all negative emotions are tied to fear, and hence, if it did not exist, there would be no sin, only love. Great concept.

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