The Way of Seeking Not to Seek: Introduction


There seems to be an inclination within mankind to feel as though something is missing. What it is exactly is often difficult to put into words, yet we are left with the notion that there is something greater than little ol’ us – Great Truth – we must seek to find.

The problem with our search for truth is that we often look in all the wrong places. We look to preachers and gurus thinking perhaps that have a special connection to Truth which we ourselves do not have access. By following these teachers we think perhaps some of their special revelation will be extended to us.

We look to nature and the wondrous beauty therein; we think that in the physical forms of nature we will see the way things really are. This naturalistic pursuit of truth often leads to a purely mechanical view of existence by which we become convinced that physical nature is truly all there is and all that is true.

Within this book I will present ideas for us to play with, thoughts for us to expand our vision upon, and questions to inspire those thoughts – whatever they may be. I am writing this book because I enjoy writing about ideas I think to be vitally important to our lives and how we interact with one another. I am not trying to convince you of anything; nor convert you to my way of thinking. A true artist creates artwork they enjoy, and if someone else happens to enjoy their art, that’s alright. It is in this spirit that I write this book.

Ready to dive in? Here we go…

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3 thoughts on “The Way of Seeking Not to Seek: Introduction

  1. Dylan, the spirit with which you write (and create, and listen deeply within yourself) resonates with me. I love your idea of writing this book! I, too, have a book (well, a few!) “in me.” I have started one recently. I don’t even really care if it gets “picked up” by a major publisher. I will self-publish it. The motive within me, as I’ve shared with you, is just to listen to the divine whispers within me. I let go of the rest. I look forward to reading your book, Dylan!!! Lisa

    • Lisa,

      Thank you for your message! I too would much rather self-publish rather than going through a publishing house. I actually once worked for a major book publisher and if my book is something people enjoyed, that would be what I would want to fuel it being spread around, as opposed to a sort of manufactured readership.

      I love to write and write about topics I feel are important. So, topics which speak more to how we think, to me, are some of the most important topics that I wish to discuss. Which is why I believe philosophy is such an important field, although, many may view it as more of a historical field replaced by science and psychotherapy; I think it is just as important as it ever has been in impacting culture and life on our planet.

      Hopefully I’ll actually get this book completed 🙂 I have about 5 half-written books in the works. Ha ha ha

      • Dylan, that’s me, too – several books half written. It’s not for a lack of motivation or steadfastness on my part — it’s me attending to what needs to be attended to in the present season of our family. There is a time, and it is coming, when I can focus my energies on writing more and finishing one of them.

        YES to philosophy. I think people get caught up in the name — philosophy. They can think, like you say, that it’s something of the past/it’s historical. Yet, when we are talking about those bigger questions, when we are exploring HOW we think, how love, how we evolve (etc), THAT is philosophy.

        I think you will revolutionalize the word!


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