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How Desalination Works and Can Transform More than Seawater

Desalination-3Desalination is the process by which salt is removed from seawater enabling water from the ocean to be transformed into a fresh drinkable source for human life. Only a small percentage, 2.5% to be precise, of all water on earth is freshwater and suitable for drinking. Water covers around 70% of the earth, which means that 97.5% of the abundant supply of water available is being utilized.

Water is a resource that many of us rarely give much of a thought about. We walk into our kitchens, turn on a faucet and wash our hands or fill our glass. How often do we consider that nearly 1 billion people on earth do not have access to water, and those who do generally must walk for miles simply to fill buckets with water that is contaminated, leading to disease and ultimately, death?

Desalination is a viable solution to change the suffering of millions around the world. With desalination we possess the capability of not only transforming seawater into freshwater, but we have the ability to transform communities from being riddled by disease into communities of people with access to resource most crucial for life to exist at all – water.

Some will cite expense as being a main restriction in utilizing the desalination process as a true solution of providing safe freshwater to meet the human world’s needs. However, when we have the technology available to meet the needs of life on earth, I am of the persuasion that anything we may use as an excuse to implement technology for the betterment of mankind is a sign that our priorities may be greatly disordered.

In this brief Ted Talk by Damian Palin he shares some helpful information on “Seawater reverse osmosis”, also known as desalination:

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